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We Are Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency

Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency in Malaysia


TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd is an agency that supplies local and foreign workers to Employers and Employment Agencies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Through our offices in Johor Bahru, we also assist employers with the process of securing Job Passes in Malaysia, Calling Visas, Work Permits, and Immigration Services for foreign employees.




We have manpower supply experience, Foreign Workers Management Services for Manufacturing, Construction, Plantation, Services and others. We are known for providing the majority of the country’s Covered Workers and Management Services.

We are prepared to offer ten-year seasoned workers to employers in a range of industries.

Our network is all part of Nepalese, India, Bangladesh, Vietnamese, and Pakistani citizens.


Our Mission

    • We want to give an opportunity for job seekers for local and foreign workers.
    • We build a network with Employers and Employment Agencies.
    • We help our customers with our services that we offer.

Our Vision

To make TSM Manpower and Machinery Agency the place of choice for our customer for their future. To help, educate and serve all who seek to enhance their work and job experience.


Our Values

    1. Serve with passion
    2. Trust our service
    3. Work as a team
    4. Express gratitude
    5. Satisfaction from customer