Our Services


With our recruitment service, we are specialist recruiter to provide a large number of skilled local and foreign manpower. We focus on support our clients in finding and hiring the best-qualified candidates for permanent or contract workers. In addition, we also provide staffing and headhunting service for white-collar areas.

Contract Worker

We provide on-hire workers and manpower for a range of different hiring requirements including of short or long term contract. Regarding the legal issue, we are taking the responsible to handle one-stop preparation such as term and agreement for local Malaysian worker and foreign worker.

Transportation & Hostel

Our transportation and hostel arrangement services include picking up workers, provide safeness of the living quarter or others arrangement. We always put attention on ensure workers safety and healthy environment in order to provide quality manpower to our clients.

Immigration Matters

We provide the visa issuance service to support clients full range of work permit and others authorization services. Our experienced professionals team able to give customized support for the immigration issue.

Permit Renewal

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Rework & Sorting

We help our clients resolve the faulty damaged items to ensure the high-quality of the end product. Main purpose of this service is to assist clients meet strict quality requirement in order to retain customer base. Our service scopes include selection, control or reworking of the components.

Expatriate Application

TSM will provide one-stop service to help clients employ foreign professional talents. We will engage with Expatriate Service Division to apply valued expatriate visa or pass. Ensure your business can smoothly process without worries.

Medical Insurance

Since the safety and health of the workers is a critical issue, we arrange workers to have body checkup, blood test or others medical examination. Besides that, we also help workers handle the insurance claim to protect their benefits.


MM2H is a Malaysia My Second Home Program to allow foreigners stay at Malaysia for initially for a period of 10 years. We are experienced to conduct application procedures of the MM2H. We provide service of new and renewal application with honesty and integrity.

Container Stuffing

Our capable can help new logistics or transport industry to carry out the process of container stuffing. We transit the container with well-balanced and make sure that the incompatible and dangerous products aren’t shipped together.

Business Advisory

For foreigners, we provide our expertise service to recommend the best solution to you. If you made the decision to start a business in Malaysia, we will assist you to settle the issue of trade license, visa, taxation, etc.