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Contract Worker

A contract worker is a person retained for a predetermined period, for a predetermined price, by an organization depends on the contract that they made with the company or the organization that they work for. Besides that, contract workers also received some benefits from the contract that they have made.

Short-Term Worker

A short-term worker contract is an employment arrangement that generally lasts for days, weeks, or less than 6 months.  Short-term targets restricted by budget, a period of time. These objectives cross the gap from the present position to the next step in achieving something greater in a clear and observable way.

Long-Term Worker

A long-term worker contract is an employment arrangement that generally lasts for six weeks, several months or years. As you become an important part of the organization, you are also given more responsibilities. For a fixed period of time, some positions require you to be willing to stay and develop with the industry. For those who are looking for benefits such as health insurance and a stable income, these forms of employment are advantageous. As you develop your abilities and experience, your job duties also increase in complexity over time.



Construction Manufacturing Plantation Services
Construction is one of the industries with the highest projections
for current chances for jobs.Construction of commercial, industrial
and residential buildings and engineering projects such as highways,
bridges and utility systems are being designed. Both new building and
remodeling, extensions, maintenance, and repairs are involved in
Manufacture are those that directly produce new goods from either raw
materials or parts. These jobs are found in a factory, plant, or mill.
They can also exist in a household, as long as things are made, not
Plantation work is carried out standard planting activities, such as the
harvesting of ripe fruits, the pruning of oil palms. The application of
fertilizer to the palms the transfer of fruit bunches to mills and the
spraying of herbicides. It is quite palpable that the sector is heavily
dependent on workers without whom vital work such as fresh fruit processing,
harvesting and the spraying of herbicides.
Service sector is beginning to assume a larger role. For all developing
countries, this is valid. As such, it is only fair that this sector is the
focus for investment, whether domestic or otherwise. There are several listed
under services and their scope is determined by their respective
World Trade Organization (WTO) classification for each of sectors. The service
sector is one of the sectors that workers will do such as plumbing, cleaning,
painting, delivering and any other types of services.