Top 5 Foreign Worker Agencies & Manpower Supply Company in Malaysia

“Agensi Pekerjaan TSM” as a leading Foreign Worker Agency and Manpower Supply Company in Selangor, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Puchong , Sepang , Shah Alam, Subang Jaya : Malaysia.


Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia, has already developed a reputation for having a fast-growing economy in international trade. As the central source of this rapidly rising economy is examined, it is clear that the nation is primarily dependent on labor forces. In addition to local jobs, Malaysia invites a large number of foreign workers to help build and improve the country’s infrastructure.

The practice of employing foreign workers in Malaysia is nothing new. Since the country’s pre-independence era, foreign enforcers have been at work. During this time, the Chinese became more interested in working in the tin mining and manufacturing industries, while Indians flocked to Malaysia’s rubber and palm oil plantations.

TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd is the top 5 Foreign Worker Agencies  Supply Company in Malaysia. We as a foreign worker management services for manufacturing, construction, agriculture, plantation, services, and many other industries. For the above sectors in Malaysia, we include Nepalese, India, Bangladesh, Vietnamese, and Pakistani citizens. As a Foreign Workers Agency in Malaysia, TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd collaborate with Employer and Employer Company for staffing services for our economy. We are now known as Malaysia’s Top 5 Foreign Workers Agency.

However, we also provide services related to foreign workers, such as Immigration Matters, Contract Workers, Medical Insurance, Expatriate Application, Permit Renewal, Accommodation, MM2H Malaysia, and many others. There are also customers who are local employees, not only foreign employees we work with. We provide SOCSO, EPF, EIS and benefits for our client.

Most industries and sectors in Malaysia face labor crises in this pandemic of COVID-19 as a result, severe labor shortages that affected the entire business and economy. 

We will help you to recruit for jobs especially during this hard time of pandemic. We followed every kind of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) that the government’s rule that has been made during working time.

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